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Guild Recruitment System

Do you feel like it’s hard to find a good guild?

Do you ever skip joining a guild because you doubt their real power?

As a guild leader, does it seem impossible to find capable guild members?

Don`t worry, the guild recruitment system will help you out!

If you don’t have a guild, you should take a quick look at these useful tips!

1. Players without a guild can click `Group` in the main interface and select `Recruit` to enter the Guild Recruitment interface. You can view the recruitment advertisements released by the various guilds, as well as the details of the guilds and their requirements to join!

2. If the guild leader has activated the auto-recruit function, you will be accepted into the guild immediately, if you meet the recruitment requirements of the guild. If the auto-recruit function is not activated, you’ll need to contact the guild leader and ask him/her to accept you into the guild!

If you are a guild leader, the following information can help you find some capable followers.

1. If you are a guild leader, you can click `Group` in the main interface and select `Recruit` to enter the Guild Recruitment interface, then click `Recruit` to release a Recruitment Advertisement. Or you can enter your Guild Interface and click `Recruit` to release a Recruitment Advertisement.

2. You can enter your advertisement or slogan from the Guild Recruitment interface. This advertisement will help other players learn about the power of your guild, and the benefits of joining! Be sure to make it attractive, and you’ll start getting replies in no time!

3. You can also activate the auto-recruit function, so that new members will be immediately accepted into the guild after they apply, if they meet your requirements. If this function is not activated, you will need to accept each member manually.

4. 500,000 Silver is the cost to release each Recruitment Advertisement. The advertisement will last for 7 days. If you change your advertisement before it expires, the expiration date will be reset and you will be charged the fee again. (New Ad rates = Original Ad-rate / 7 x Remaining Ad time) Your advertisement will be moved to the front, if you can offer a higher Ad-rate than the other guilds. If 2 Ad-rate offers are the same, the advertisement released earlier will be placed at the front.

5. Write your message, then click `Release` to issue your Recruitment Advertisement!

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