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Getting Started

You have installed the game, created a character, and logged into the game for the first time. So what now? Here's a few tips to get you oriented in the world of Conquer Online.

1. Movement: Most places can be reached by walking, but your character is also capable of running, jumping, and in some cases, teleporting.

i. Walk: Click on the place where you would like to go. Your character will simply move towards the destination, avoiding any obstacles that might be in the way.
ii. Run: Click on the small Icon in the lower left-hand corner to toggle walking and running. When your character runs, you'll get from A to B faster.
iii. Jump: Press and hold the "CTRL" button and left-click on the ground where you want to move. All characters in Conquer are capable of amazing leaps -such is the style of ancient Chinese heroes.

Move towards the
Birth Village.

Toggle Walk or Run
by clicking here.

Reach the Birth
Village to learn skills.

2. Navigation: Navigate the world of Conquer online with the Minimap and the Coordinates. These can help you find quest NPCs and other important locations. Sometimes your will be told to go to the given coordinates to find items too!

Show/Hide Minimap
by clicking Map On/Off

Coordinates indicate
your exact position

The blue figure is your
location in the map.

3. Learn The Controls : Learn about the controls and skills your character has. You can talk to NPCs in the birth village to get a grip on how to play the game. Speak with each NPC, one by one to learn. When you're done, talk to the "Know-It-All" to leave the Birth Village and travel to Twin City.

Talk to the NPCs
by clicking on them

Taoists learn spells
from Taoist Star

Leave Birth Village by
talking to Know-It-All

4. Adjust Your Setting: You might want to change your settings according to your style of play. Equip the items you want! Check the options below to your own preference.

Open your Backpack
to see what's inside.
Equip by right-clicking

Click Status to check
your character's stats,
equipment and skills.

Switch PK to Peace
so you won't
accidentally kill others.

5. Explore The City: Walk around Twin City to familiarize yourself with the merchants and locations there. You'll find everything an emerging hero needs to become a figure of legend.
     Look at some of the ways you can interact with the various merchants and NPCs of Twin city. Because items and their powers are a central feature of the game, you'll find lots of ways to improve them.

Roam the streets
of Twin City

Buy items from the
merchant NPCs.

Purchase by right-
clicking on the item

Deposit items & silver
into the warehouse

Healing & mana potions
from the Pharmacist

Head outside Twin City
to fight monsters

6. Kill Monsters: Well, maybe you're not ready to fight "monsters" yet, but you can get your hands dirty bagging a few of the local pests. One such pest is the notorious Twin City pheasant, found on the wind plains south of the main gate. The pheasant is no ordinary small game bird -it attacks travelers with unbridled ferocity, pecks their eyes out, eats the gold of travellers and destroys farm crops everywhere!
     Another larger species is the turtledove, who can be found further south. Without adventurers to clean up these rampant mobs of feathered fiends, the city may very well get overrun! Do your best -the city is counting on you!

Slay the pheasants
clicking on them.
Watch them die.

Pheasants attack
anyone on sight!
They're quite vicious!

Some pheasants even
carry gold! Pick it up
by right-clicking on it.

Click "Skill" to
select spells.

Cast spells on enemies
by right clicking.

Restore life / mana
by right clicking a potion

7. Chat with Friends: Use the chat bar to talk to your in-game friends in private. When you "whisper", nobody else can hear the conversation.

Chat with a player by entering the player name, typing the message, and then pressing the "Enter" key to send the message.

8. Set up Quick Items: You can put your healing and revival items in the quick bar for convenient use. You drag the item from your inventory into the quick bar and then use the function keys (F1, F2, F3, etc) to activate these items.

Make the item/skill hotkeys by dropping your items/skills into F1-F10 slots, Press F1-F10 key on the keyboard to use the corresponding items/skills.

9. Experience Bar: View the exact experience details of your character by double-clicking on the experience bar. This brings up a small display above the bar that tells how much you receive for slaying monsters.

Show / hide the current experience to the next level by clicking the experience bar. When the experience bar is filled with green color, you will get 1 level up with full HP and bonus attribute points.

10. Forums: For further information, please refer to guide and other sections. You can also ask the fellow players in game or post your questions on the official forum. Have a good time in Conquer!