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Faction War

Requirement: Level 80+

Rewards: EXP


From 20:00 - 20:30 on every Thursday. 

1. Sign Up

The Faction War is a battle between two factions, and it will be held regularly. When the battle starts, the game will invite players to participate in the war. If you want to take part in, just accept the invitation, if you are not interested, simply ignore it. If you stay out of the battle, you won't be able to attack or be attacked by players from either faction during the event.

How to join the war? The participants who meet some specific requirements will be assigned to the corresponding faction, while others can choose which faction they want to support if none of the preset requirements is matched.

If you forget to choose the faction you want to join or re-login after the battle begins, you will be send to a random one of the factions.

Faction War

Make sure you are not in Market, House, Arena, Jail or any other specific places, or you will be unable to sign up for the war. Meanwhile, for those who have already signed up, entering those places mentioned above will lead to temporary absence for the war and their status can only be resumed after they leave.

Faction War

2. Walkthrough

As the war starts, all participants will receive a new PK mode, "Faction" mode, and switch to this mode automatically. While in the "Faction" mode, you can slay monsters and other players of the enemy faction without being punished. The "Faction" mode will be removed after the Faction War.

Faction War

Besides, each participant will receive one invisible mask and be required to wear it, so that their names will be unknown. The fellows you are fighting together may be a stranger, your family member or even your enemy in the game world. But now in the Faction War, names are not important anymore, since your identity can only be one: fellow or foe!

You can attack those foes anywhere, even in towns (only expect the specific areas mentioned above)! Draw fellows in your faction together as close as possible and spare no life from your enemy faction! When a foe fell under your weapon, you'll receive his/her invisible mask.

Faction War

Remember to watch your back all the way in battle! You might have been the next target of someone. If you are killed, your invisible masks will be taken away (there is no other punishment). When your masks are used up, you will be confronted with two options: quit or continue?

The Mask Dealer (TwinCity 350,332) has many invisible masks on sale. You can buy one mask from him if you still want to continue with Faction Battle.

Faction War

How to check the war situation? Click on the "Situation" button on the lower right of the screen to open a chart. This chart tells you how many members left in your faction and the number of foes left in the battlefield.

Faction War

If there is no foe survived in the battlefield or there are more members left in your faction than that of your enemy faction when time is up, your faction will be deemed the winner. After the severe fighting, the fighters from the winning faction will receive a special aura and you can exchange the masks you earned for a prize from the Mask Dealer in Twin City!

Note:In order to make the competition more balanced and more interesting, there are some restrictions on players' equipment, level, battle power, and Chi attributes.

1. Maximum level of equipment:
If you equip better items, they will default to the maximum level.


Item Type Maximum Level
Headgear, Armor, Boots, Necklace, Weapon 120
Heavy Ring, Bracelet 117
Taoist Bag, Ring 116
Earrings 112

2. Maximum value of equipment:
If you have better items equipped, they will default to the maximum value.


Type Maximum Value
Quality Super
Bonus Level +4
Socket 1
Gem The 1st gem socketed
Blessing -3

3. Battle Power:


Type Maximum Value
Nobility Earl
Clan Do not count in
Guild Do not count in
Mentor Do not count in
Sub-Class Level 5. (No restrictions to the Apothecary)

4. Maximum Attributes of Chi
Chi Attributes will default to 60% of the maximum value if you have higher values.

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