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Guide - Battle Power


Battle Power

How to Calculate Advantages Of Battle Power

Battle Power is a representation of your power, might and prowess on the battlefield. It is a single number that sums up your various character's skills and abilities, and determines their overall power. Monsters and NPCs don't have Battle Power, only player characters.

In a duel to the death, the character with the higher Battle Power will win, nine times out of ten. It is a very reliable tool to measure how you measure up against an enemy.

Calculating Battle Power: The Battle Power total is based on ten factors.

1. Character level: 1 Level = 1 Battle Power.
2. Rebirth: 1st Rebirth = 5 Battle Power. 2nd Rebirth = 10 Battle Power.
3. Sockets: Each Socket = 1 Battle Power.
4. Item Quality: Refined = 1, Unique = 2, Elite = 3, Super = 4.
5. Super Gems: Each Super Gem = 1 Battle Power.
6. +X Items: Every "+" of an item = 1 Battle Power.
7. Apprentice Battle Power: As apprentices, you can receive extra Battle Power from your Mentor.
8. Lineage Level: 1 Lineage Level = 1 Battle Power
9. Clan: The higher the BP Bonus Level, the more Battle Power the Clan members can share.
10. Nobility Rank: There are 6 levels of Nobility. Each has a different donation requirement, and adds Battle Power to your total. Please refer the following table:


Max per Server


Battle Power Increase

King / Queen

No Limit
No Limit
No Limit

Rank 1-3
Rank 4-15
Rank 16-50
200,000,000 silvers
100,000,000 silvers
30,000,000 silvers


11. Guild Privileges: Guild officers can share a maximum of 15 Battle Power in the guild.

Position Percentage of
Battle Power Shared
Guild Leader 100%
Deputy Leader 90%
Honorary Deputy Leader
Leader Spouse 90%
Manager 80%
Honorary Manager
Supervisor 70%
Donation Supervisor
Honorary Supervisor
Steward 50%
Deputy Leader Spouse
Leader Spouse Aide
Deputy Leader Aide
Deputy Steward 40%
Agent 30%
Donation Agent
Supervisor Spouse
Manager Spouse
Supervisor Aide
Manager Aide
Follower 20%
Steward Spouse
Donation Follower
Steward Spouse 15%
Senior Member
Member 10%

See the following example for details:

Level 60 Character. 60
1st Rebirth. 5
Weapon with two sockets equipped. 2
Two refined items and one elite item equppied. 5
One super gem in an equipped item. 1
Two +2 items and one +3 item. 7
Total Battle Power 80

Note: Characters who equip two-handed weapons, long weapons, bows or backswords (which are one-handed) will gain double the Battle Power points from that weapon. However, items in your left-hand will not add bonus Battle Power.

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