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Classes - Ninja

A mysterious figure, cloaked in shadow. Ninjas are the fastest class with the most devastating attacks, but the lowest defense and health of all. The ninja is an expert of stealth, specialized in guerrilla warfare. Relying on agility and reflexes, ninjas frown upon the use of heavy armors.

Ninjas start out as Interns and don't graduate as a qualified Ninja until level 15. All Ninja promotions are given by the Wind Sage in the Job Center in Twin City. Different levels of class have different requirements.

Weapons: Apart from weapons like swords, clubs and blades, the Ninja can equip its exclusive weapon - katanas. These legendary Japanese swords make ninja possess the highest attack among melee classes.

Armor: As a class relying on agility and reflexes, Ninjas can only equip some light armor, which makes their defense lower than other melee classes.

Styles: The ninja is the 2nd dual-wielding class. Moreover, ninjas have several ranged skills which can help them carry out guerilla warfare.

Special: The ninja's unique skill is Poison Star, which makes it much more difficult for the ninja's opponents to drink potions.

Skill: The ninja's skills can cause massive damage in a split second, or disable enemies, or prevent them from healing themselves.

Ninja's Stamina Skills

Twofold Blades
Dual katana strike, dealing tremendous damage!

Toxic Fog
A cloud of toxic smoke poisons enemies. Effectiveness is determined by the battle power difference between the ninja and opponent.

Poison Star
A poisoned shuriken makes it difficult for enemies to drink potions. Effectiveness is determined by the battle power difference between the ninja and opponent.

Archer Bane
Grounds flying opponents with a precise ranged attack. Effectiveness is determined by the battle power difference between the ninja and opponent.

The ninja suddenly appears behind the enemy and strikes them in the back.

Ninja's XP Skills

Shuriken Vortex
Creates a whirlwind of death as the ninja spins around, attacking everything within range with a deadly shower of darts while reducing damage taken to a bare minimum.

Fatal Strike
Boosts Ninja's speed and attack, allowing the Ninja to blink between targets and kill them instantly. This can only be used against monsters (not players).

Level Item Required Promoted Title Promotion Award
15 None Ninja Small Praying Stone(B).
40 None Middle Ninja Non-reborn: Double EXP Potion (B).
1st reborn: Level 40 Unique Equipment Set(B) (Weapon, Headgear, Armor).
2nd reborn: Level 40 Elite Equipment Set(B) (Weapon, Headgear, Armor).
70 None Dark Ninja Non-reborn: Level 70 Super weapon.
1st reborn: Level 70 Elite Equipment Set(B) (Weapon, Headgear, Armor).
2nd reborn: Level 70 Super Equipment Set(B) (Weapon, Headgear, Armor).
100 None Mystic Ninja Non-reborn: Normal Dragon/Phoenix Gem.
1st reborn: Super Refinery Pack (B)
2nd reborn: a Dragon Ball.
110 Moon Box Ninja Master Non-reborn: 3 Exp Balls, 3 Triple Exp Potions, +2 Stone, +2 Steed. All are Bound.
1st reborn: a Dragon Ball.
2nd reborn: a Dragon Ball.
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