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Mid-Autumn Festival Special Quest

Non-Elements Group: 18:00 10th - 18:00 15th, Sep PDT
Elements Group: 1:00 11th - 1:00 16th, Sep GMT

Lumberman Woo (Twin City, 430 378) or (Market, 216 199)
Archer Howard (Moon Platform, 130 111)
Moon Goddess (Moon Platform, 137 105)
Guild Cook (Moon Platform, 119 101)
Jade Hare (Moon Platform, 122 92)
Miss Moon (Moon Platform, 131 85)
Confucius (Twin City, 395 294)
Widow (Phoenix Castle, 162 261)
Poet (Wind Plain, 557 642)
Servant girl (Maple Forest, 782 462)

Requirement: Level 30 or above

1. During the event, you will get a Moon Invitation when you login for the first time. Bring it to Lumberman Woo. Speak to him and swap it for a Heart Jade, which can send you to Lumberman Woo. It can be used every 30 minutes. Monsters in Wind Plain and Maple Forest will drop the materials necessary to make all kinds of moon cakes --- Flour, Unboiled Oil, Water, Sugar, Salt, Fruit, Chicken and Aroma Flour.

2. Take materials and talk to Lumberman Woo. He can teleport you to Moon Platform where you can find somebody to help you make moon cakes from the ingredients you have collected.

Moon Cakes Materials Requirement & Npc Effects
Nut Cake Flour, Unboiled Oil, Water, Sugar You can eat it every 2 minutes.

NPC: Jade Hare
Recover 1,000 HP.
Sweet Bean Cake Recover 1,000 Mana.
Sesame Cake Recover 2,000 HP and Mana.
Ham Cake HP fully recovered.
Sugar Cake Mana fully recovered.
Peace Cake None

NPC: Jade Hare
Decrease PK Points when you have more than 30 PK Point
Honor Cake Fireworks set up.
Blessing Cake Change your appearance.
Wife Cake Flour, Sugar, Salt, Fruit 1. Male character
2. You can only eat it at Moon Platform.
3. You cannot eat more than 6 Husband Cakes and Wife Cakes in total each day.
NPC: Archer Howard
Gain Experience worth 1/2 Exp Ball
Husband Cake Flour, Sugar, Salt, Chicken 1. Female character
2. You can only eat it at Moon Platform.
3. You cannot eat more than 6 Husband Cakes and Wife Cakes in total each day.
NPC: Moon Goddess
Guild Cake Water, Salt, Sugar, Aroma Flour 1. Guild Leader
2. You can only eat it at Moon Platform.
3. You cannot eat more than 5 Guild Cakes each day.
NPC: Guild Cook

3. If you do not want to eat the moon cakes, you can wrap them in beautiful packages which can later be exchanged for prizes. Here are the required materials:

Package Love Package Flower Package Lunar Package Reunion Package
Materials Love Box, Peace Cake, Husband Cake, Wife Cake Flower Box, Nut Cake, Sweet Bean Cake Lunar Box, Blessing Cake, Sugar Cake Reunion Box, Sesame Cake, Ham Cake

The boxes can be purchased from Miss Moon at the cost of 10,000 silvers. You can buy only one box per day.
After the four types of materials are ready and present in your inventory, just click on the box to pack them and then you will get a package!

4. Four types of Packages can be exchanged for different rewards from different NPCs. See the following table for details:

Package Given to Rewards Effect
Love Package Confucius Analects Exp worth 1.5 EXP Balls; decrease PK Points when PKP>30
Flower Package Widow Balladry Exp worth 0.5 EXP Ball
Lunar Package Poet Poem Exp worth 0.5 EXP Ball
Reunion Package Servant girl Nursery Rhyme Exp worth 0.5 EXP Ball

Note: Rewards---Analects, Balladry, Poem, Nursery Rhyme---can be used after Mid-Autumn Festival.

5. During the event, you can gain a Firework Pack from Miss Moon every hour. Open your inventory, right-click the item, and you will get 5 Autumn Fireworks.

They can be set off around Twin City (440, 379), every 3 minutes. When you have set off 5 Autumn Fireworks, you will get Experience equal to 1/6 of an EXP Ball.