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Items - Socketed Items for iPad

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You can open up Sockets in your equipment or weapons, in order to insert rare Gems that grant your items bonus effects! Each item can hold up to 2 Sockets, and you can only insert one Gem into each Socket.

1. How do I Socket an item?

2.0 Servers:
1) Weapons:
Find Socketsmith in the Market (192,200) for help. You need to pay 1 Dragon Ball for the 1st socket and 5 for the 2nd one.
2) Equipment:
Find Socketsmith in the Market (192,200) and pay him 12 Dragon Balls to have him make the 1st socket. Tough Drills are used to make the 2nd socket. It doesn't work sometimes. If it fails, it will turn into a Star Drill. Once you collect 7 Star Drills, you can make the 2nd socket successfully.

3) Talismans:
Equip the talisman, and click the "Soc" button nearby. Click here to know more.

2. Is there any other way to get Socketed items?
a) Try your luck in the Lottery Center.
b) Hunting monsters will sometimes drop Socketed items.
c) Upgrading the level or quality of your items in Twin City will give you the chance to open a Socket.
d) Buy them from other players.

3. How to insert Gems in Socketed items?
Talk to Gem Insetter in (192,205) for help.