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Guide - Gambling for iPad

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Do you have dreams of getting rich, overnight? Well, why not try your luck with the Dice King, in the Market (187,179)!


1. Just talk to the Dice King, to start a game.

2. There are 3 types of chips:
Copper Chips = 100 Silver; Silver Chips = 1000 Silver; Gold Chips = 10,000 Silver

3. Place your bet in Small/Big: You will win or lose the silver you bet, depending on how you roll the dice. For example, if you put 2 Copper Chips (200 Silver) in the "Small" box, and the points on the dice happen to be small, you will win 200 Silver! If there are high points, you will lose the 200 Silver.

Place your bet in the Dice Points: In each slot, you can see "Points x Odds". Let’s say you place a Silver Chip (1000 silver) in the "4 x 72" spot. If the sum on the dice happens to be 4, then you will win 1000x72, which is 72,000 Silver! Otherwise, you will lose 1000 Silver.

You can place more than one bet, in more than one spot.

4. You will have 50 seconds to place your bets. When the time is up, the dice will be rolled and you can see the results in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Good luck!