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Guide - Heaven Blessing for iPad

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A story has been passed down over time, about how a group of fairies will come to the world every 100 years and bless the holiest people with special Praying Stones. As the years glided by, most people forgot about the promise of the Fairies, but for those that kept the faith, the time has once again arrived! The fairies are ready to bestow their Heaven's Blessing on the worthy adventurers who need it! Hurry up and get a Praying Stone, and you too can enjoy the blessing from the fairies!

Love Stone: Market (192, 193)
Great Merchant: Market (212, 179)

How to get Heaven Blessing?
You have chance to win a Praying Stone from the Lottery, or you can buy one from the Great Merchant. Right click the Praying Stone and you will get Heaven Blessing. You can also obtain Heaven Blessing by taking some festival quests.

Praying Stone:
Praying Stone (S): 3-days of Heaven's Blessing. Price: 136 CPs
Praying Stone (M): 7-days of Heaven's Blessing. Price: 272 CPs
Praying Stone (L): 30-days of Heaven's Blessing. Price: 828 CPs


1. Extra 20% EXP
You can gain more experience from killing the monsters in the world.

2. Revive at place of death
You can revive at the place you were killed, instead of needing to revive in the cities. It is very convenient, and can help you save lots of time or even those items you dropped! But it doesn't work in the PK tournament maps (PK Arena and PK War), Guild Arena, Adventure Zone, or Dream Land.

3. Stamina increased by 50
The maximum amount of your Stamina will reach 150, which is 50 more than the normal adventurer.

4. No EXP lost when killed, and PKers will be Cursed
After being blessed, you won't lose any experience when you're killed in the world. Should you be killed by another player that isn't blessed, that person will receive the Fairy's Curse. They will gain no experience for hunting monsters, nor can they use the magic of the City Scrolls/Wind Spell for a short time. (PK map and Guild map are not included.)

5. Claim One-hour Double Experience Time from the Love Stone

6. Offline Training Ground

Blessing time can accumulate, the more you get. For example, if you used a Small Praying Stone and still have 2 days left, you could take another medium Praying Stone now, and you will have 9 days of Heaven's Blessing!