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Guide - Build a House for iPad

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Building a House Upgrading Your House Class 3 & Class 4 House Furniture

If he has family, he is truly rich.

You can build your own house in the world of Conquer! How great is it, where you can have a place to put new furniture, or bring your friends over to hang out, or even to store some of those excess items you've collected!

How can I build a house?

1. Collect Ore from the mines.
2. Find the Craftsman in the Market (191,091) to swap for Timber.
    5 Ore = 1 piece of Timber

3. Find the Carpenter (Market 196, 091) to exchange the Timber for Rosewood Vouchers and Timber Vouchers.
10 pieces of Timber = 1 Rosewood Voucher; 10 Rosewood Vouchers = 1 Timber Voucher


4. Find the House Agent (Twin City 400,284) to exchange 5 Timber Vouchers for a House Permit.

5. Give the House Permit and 300,000 Silver to the House Admin (Market 199, 87), and he will help you build your house. You can find the item box in your house which works as a warehouse. (You will need a total of 2,500 Ore and 300,000 Silver to build a house.)

How to go to my house?
Find the House Admin in the Market (199, 87), to enter your house. Your spouse is able to visit your house as they please. Your spouse will be able to remove items you've stored at your house (they cannot store items in your house), but only if the spouse is your trade partner.
If you want to bring your friends over for some fun, you just need to create a team and lead them to your house!