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Guide - Upgrade a House for iPad

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Building a House Upgrading Your House Class 3 & Class 4 House Furniture

Is your house too small and old? Do you want to renovate it and make it bigger? Well that's not a problem! With this great House Upgrade, you'll have more room to keep your things and stretch out!

1. Dig for Copper Ore in the Mine Cave of Maple Forest
2. Find the Stoneman in the Market (206, 090) to swap the Copper Ore for Vouchers and Ore Vouchers.
    12 Copper Ore = 1 Copper Ore Voucher; 10 Copper Ore Vouchers = 1 Ore Voucher

3. Find the House Agent (Twin City 400,284) to exchange 10 Ore Vouchers for an Upgrade Certificate.


4. Give the Upgrade Certificate and 500,000 Silver to the House Admin (Market 199, 87), and he will perform the upgrade to your house! The renovation work will be complete after the next server maintenance.
(You need a total of 1,200 Copper Ore and 500,000 Silver to upgrade your house.)

After the house has been upgraded, you can go see the Furniture NPC in Twin City (409,370) to check out the latest furniture available, as well as other item boxes. You can place up to 8 pieces of furniture in your house, at one time.