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CO Item Usage Guide for iPad

What is an Item? What is a Quest Item?
An Item is an object with a certain use in the game. It can be obtained in game from NPCs, dropping from monsters, or by trading with other players. These could be anything from pieces of equipment you can wear to a healing item you use while you’re fighting. A Quest Item, on the other hand, can only be given by NPCs or dropped by monsters when doing quests in the game. Except for some festival quest items, most quest items can not be traded or stored in the warehouse. They can only be kept in your inventory, and if dropped, they can’t be recovered.

What is a Bound Item?
A Bound Item is usually part of a reward from a quest you’ve finished. It can neither be traded, nor sold to other players. Once dropped, it will disappear from the world. If you’re killed, it can be confiscated, just like a normal item. If the detained Bound item is not redeemed in time, it will disappear. Note: a bound item can not be used as a minor item to compose other items.

How do I pick up an item? How do I drop an item?
Left click on an item to pick it up. After you’ve picked up an item, you will find it placed in your inventory. If you want to drop an item, left click on it, drag it out of the inventory, and click again to drop it.

How to use an item?
Click on the “Item” button in the bottom left corner of the screen to open your inventory, and then right click on the item to equip or use it.

How do I lock and unlock an item?
Only wearable equipment can be locked. To lock or apply to unlock an item, you have to make sure it’s in your inventory first. Click on the “Item Lock” button in the bottom left corner of the screen, then drag the item you want to lock or apply to unlock into the item box. Locked items can only be traded to your trade partners. For security reasons, it will take 5 days for a locked item to become unlocked.

How do I trade items with other players?
To trade with other players, click on the “Trade” button in bottom right corner of the control panel. After the finger turns into a little abacus, move it to the player you want to trade with and click the left mouse button. Drag the item into the item box, and click ok. The equipment with the highest Battle Power of its type in your inventory cannot be traded, sold, or dropped by you. (Note: Merchant accounts can ignore the forbidden sale rule.)