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Guide - Level 5 House for iPad

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A house is your home in the world of Conquer. Have you ever dream of a two floor villa, or maybe a lovely balcony with a scenic view? If that’s something you’ve dreamed about, you’ve come to the right place!

Upgrade your house to Level 5

If you already own a Level 4 house, you can work to have it further upgraded! As you can see, the Level 5 house is 4 times larger than the Level 4 House. It has 2 floors, with a beautiful balcony on the second floor! If you’re interested in owning such a lovely mansion, just speak with the House Admin in the Market (199,87) and he will send you to the Senior House Manager.

The Senior House Manager is in the Level 5 display home. You can enter the house and have a look around at the many new additions. It’s much roomier than the others, and just look at the view from the balcony!

It will take some special materials to upgrade your house to Level 5. You need to pay 5 Dragon Balls, 20 Lucky Amulets, 40 Euxenite Ores, 20 Meteor Scrolls, and 30 Super Gems to upgrade your house to Level 5. You don`t need to bring any rare gems, like the Thunder Gem, Glory Gem, or Tortoise Gem. The other gems are enough to upgrade your house to Level 5!

Also, with our wonderful in-house financing, you can choose to pay these items in installments! You can check with the Senior House Manager to see the amount of items you have submitted.

Pay close attention to the items you still need to hand in, and you’ll have that new house in no time!

After you’ve finally been able to gather up all the materials, the Senior House Manager will upgrade your house for you! You’ll be the envy of everyone on your block!

And remember, be sure to pack up all of your furniture before upgrading the house! You wouldn’t want to lose anything while they’re doing all that construction!