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Bot Jail for iPad

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CO is committed to maintaining a fair game environment in Conquer Online. For those who have been caught using illegal programs or other rule violations, you may be put into the Botjail. You will be eligible to be released from the Botjail by paying a CP fine. For each time you are sent to Botjail, the fine will increase.

1, Trade and Drop are not available in Botjail maps.

2, Clientless Bot: Character who is detected using any sort of clientless bot will be put into botjail.


Times You've Been Botjailed CP Fine To Be Paid
1 500
2 1500
3 5000

If you've been caught and placed in Botjail after the 3rd time, there will be no way for you to get out of Botjail. You will remain there forever, as punishment for your crime.

We will continue to strive to make Conquer a safe and cheat-free environment! Let's all work together to make this place great!