Easter Buddy's Quest!

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Easter Buddy is your very own entertainment for Easter! He may not be politically correct, but he has poultry prospects! He's brought hens and roosters and a crowd of unlikely NPCs to Twin City for a cock-a-doodle-doo of an Easter!

Meet Farmer Joe, the Florist, the Drunkard and Easter Buddy himself in Twin City this Easter and convince one of our special feathered guests to lay you an egg!

You can change into random monsters, swat locusts, talk to chickens, grow flowers, kill some all new enemies and most importantly, have fun. The EXP is good, so come one down!






Easter  Bunny's  Buddy's Quest! :-)

Time: March 19th 6:00pm PDT - March 24th 6:00pm PDT
Where: Twin City Square (where else?)
Requirements: Level 15+ (we don't want any noobs dying at Easter!)
NPCs: Whoa! Hens, roosters, farmers, florists, drunkards and of course, the Easter Buddy!
Rewards: Decent experience rewards, yay! 2 Exp Balls, 60 minutes Double Exp time, 60 minutes Blessing, or SQUAT (nothing) if your egg turns out to be a dud! (don't worry, that won't happen very often)

Part 1: Mangy Hen Feed!

  1. Talk to FarmerJoe in Twin City square. He'll introduce Easter Buddy about the Easter Event. Then, you can buy chicken feed from FarmerJoe.
  2. Not only is Farmer Joe's feed is incredibly expensive at 100 silvers a shot, it sometimes fails to do the task-even the hens won't eat it!
  3. Sometimes a hen will take a peck, but at other times they wont touch it. Even if they do eat the feed, it doesn't always satisfy them. These hens are mighty fussy!
  4. But don't worry, you can keep trying till you find one who's ready to lay an egg.
  5. Talk to Easter Buddy when you've convinced a hen to lay an egg. Then return to the hen to get started on making it happen!

Part 2: Chicken Thieves!

  1. Firstly, these hens are spoilt. They won't lay eggs till you've been through hell and back! They want hen crests, magical trinkets that make them feel sublime!
  2. You'll have to collect some hen crests, stolen by chicken thieves in the south west of the wind plains. You'll find the thieves hiding amongst robins in the orchards there, near the abandoned altar.
  3. Kill some thieves and bring back those crests! Stand next to your hen and right click the hen crest item in your inventory. Hens just love that!

Part 3: Locust Garden!

  1. These hens are overworked... and spiteful to say the least! The hen then asks for a flower, knowing all too well that locusts destroyed the flower beds near Twin City.
  2. Buddy and the Florist agree that if you could kill some locusts, you might be able to bring back some flowers! So, the Florist escorts you to the nearby garden.
  3. If you can help in killing 15 locusts, the Gardener gives you a magic seed.
  4. Right click on the seed in your inventory to plant it - it magically grows into a flower instantly! Then you talk to the Gardener to be escorted back to Twin City.
  5. Lets talk to the hen again and see if you got the right kind of flower!

Part 4: Making Hops From Beer!

  1. Strangely enough, the lazy hen wants hops (you know, the wheat they make beer from). Although most would say it's impossible, this Easter is full of miracles!
  2. Well, first of all, talk to Buddy and Farmer Joe. Joe does have some wheat, but he wont give it up easily. In fact, he wants beer for it!
  3. Now, at this time it might also be useful to mention that, the town drunkard is on a 5 day bender and is camped out in Twin City square like a homeless beggar. What's more, he's bought every last drop of beer in the city!
  4. Usually you'd have to employ cunning and intelligence to talk an alcoholic out of his ale, but in this case, he just sells it to you directly.
  5. You can then trade it for hops with Farmer Joe, and then take the hops back to the hen.
  6. Hooray, she finally lays and egg! Phew! Is it over yet?

Part 5: Buddy's Idea of Fun!

  1. Buddy is indeed a strange character, who enjoys masquerading as different kinds of animals on a cold winters night alone in his cabin... But what he enjoys even more is seeing others do the same! Yikes!
  2. You take the egg to Buddy and he suddenly disguises you as an animal or monster.
  3. Then, much to everybody's displeasure, he reveals that the prized Easter eggs can only be claimed by taking the mundane eggs to some dressed up monsters outside Twin City's west gate. What the...?
  4. Indeed, there are several monsters waiting along the city's west wall. You've gotta find the one that looks like your disguise and talk to it.
  5. You'll be able to swap the hen's egg for a prize Easter Egg (there are four different types!)
  6. Then, confused and bewildered, you take the prize egg back to Buddy, who awards you the prize you so rightly deserve.

Now at this point, you might be asking yourself "Why couldn't I just kill the monsters outside the west wall and take all the prize eggs?" or "What's with all the animal husbandry and growing flowers?" or "Why on earth does Buddy want to collect all those Easter eggs for himself?"

Could it be that he is, in the Easter Bunny...? Shhhh! Those questions, my dear and loyal players, will have to wait for next Easter!

Easter Points:

Every time the Easter Buddy appraise your egg, you may obtain different amount of Easter Points. After the Easter event ends on March 24, you may exchange Easter points for different prizes with Easter Buddy. Different Easter Points are for different prizes.

So the more you score Easter points, the better prizes you will gain!



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