Blood Arena

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Duration: August 5th – August 14th

Requirements: Level 80+


Champion Ling Wan (Twin City 296,380)

EXP Censer (Twin City 301,384)

Study Censer (Twin City 295,384)

Chi Censer (Twin City 290,384)

Ling Chiu (Blood Arena 43,38)


Festival Joy Pack

Festival Joy Pack

Non-Reborn players can open it to receive 15 minutes EXP and a random gift from EXP Ball(B), Praying Stone (S), EXP Potion(B), Endurance Book(B), Normal Gem, Emerald(B), Bomb(B), Memory Agate(B), Skill Proficiency Book(B), 1-day weapon accessory/Garment/Mount Armor (B), Moon Box(B), Saddle*5, Meteor Scroll, House Permit(B) and many others.

1st-Reborn players can open it to receive 30 minutes EXP and a random gift from EXP Potion, Refine Gem, 3-day weapon accessory/Garment/Mount Armor (B), Celestial Stone, Moon Box, Meteor Scroll, Memory Agate, Dragon Soul Pack, Refinery Pack and many others.

2nd-Reborn players can open it to receive 60 minutes EXP and a random gift, such as Penitence Amulet, Meteor Scroll, Big Praying Stone, Dragon Soul Pack, Super Refinery Pack, Refined/Super Gem, +2 Steed, +2 Stone, Dragon Ball, EXP Ball Fragment (gain 1% EXP of current level), and many others.

Quest Items

Bravery Token
Bravery Token

Earned from the `Fearless Fighter`. Swap it at EXP Censer, Study Censer, or Chi Censer, for rewards.


  1. From August 5th – August 14th, All Level 80+ heroes are invited to the Blood Arena between 18:00 - 18:15. The only rule is that there are no rules. The longer you fight, the more you win. Every 3 minutes, you can claim a Bravery Token from Ling Chiu.
  2. All fighters will be sent to Twin City at 19:00. Ling Chiu has prepared 1,000 Bravery Tokens. If you're the only and last one who survives in the end, you will be rewarded with 30 tokens.
  3. Insert Bravery Token into the Censer to get your reward. You can choose one reward from 12 minutes of EXP, 10 Study Points or 5 Chi Points. If you earn 5 tokens or more, you can claim a Festival Joy Pack, but only once a day.

Note: When you enter Blood Arena, Your BP, Equipment, Dragon Soul and Chi effects will be limited under the same rules of the Skill Team PK Tournament.

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