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Quest - Army Token

Easy: (level 20-40)
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The Stolen Army Token

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The Stolen Army Token

General Qing has lost the Army Token, which brought shame to his family. He wants to redeem himself before it's too late to reclaim the token, but he doesn't know how. It’s said that the token was stole by Bandits in Maple Forest. However, his Food Carrier near the mines is off duty and can't report this news to General Qing directly.

The Stolen Army Token
Requirement: None
NPCs: General Qing (Twin City 400,288), Food Carrier (near Twin City mines entrance 76,401), Bandit Head (Phoenix Castle 233,271)
Rewards: A Refined Peace Sword.


i. Find General Qing in Twin City. He will tell you his trouble and hope you to pay a visit to the Food Carrier.
ii. Look for the Food Carrier near the Twin City mine in the northwest corner of the map. He will tell you that the army supplies and the Army Token were stolen by some Bandits in Maple Forest.
iii. Go to Phoenix Castle, the capital of Maple Forest, and speak with the Bandit Head. He tells you that he wasn’t responsible on this matter, and it was the Caterans who did it. You have no choice but to believe him because he is an honest, hard-working bandit.
iv. Kill Caterans in the central area of Maple forest to get the Army Token.
v. Return to General Qing and give him the Army Token. In return, you will get a Refined Peace Sword.