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Get Ready for CO's PVP Season - New PK Competitions!

Date: Jan 05 2011 01:00:00 Source: Official Views: Share

Season's greetings, adventurers! The year 2011 is just around the corner! Have you made your New Year's resolutions? What do you expect to see in Conquer? Come on and check out what surprises we've got in store for you!

The CO team is proud to announce that a grand PvP season will be underway in the world of Conquer! And now, we would like to treat you with a sneak peek at the upcoming new PvP events! Let's not waste time! Time to get started!

Capture the Flag Contest
In this special PK competition, the flag is the symbol of glory. Different guilds will enter the same map and battle against one another to capture the flag. Once they have it, they have to do whatever it takes to defend it, making sure it gets returned to their base's Altar. Players will go through many battles against different opponents. PKing in CO has been given new meaning, not only for the rewards, but also for the glory of the team! So prepare yourselves, aspiring adventurers, and hurry to build up your own guilds, as the glorious struggle is about to get bloodier!

Skilled Team PK Tournament
When the field is even, can you still emerge victorious? This is a competition based on total fair play. In this PK tournament, the equipment levels, attributes, and their effects on Battle Power will be limited. The only thing that really matters is the skill of the fighters and their teamwork! So, that is to say, even if you don't have the best gear, you still have great chance to challenge those advanced fighters! You can team up to participate in this competition and hone your skills against even the strongest opponents! Besides, not only will the winners receive tempting prizes, but all participants will gain some wonderful rewards!

Sounds exciting, right? There will be more information coming up soon! Don't forget to check back for more details!