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Patch 5350-5351: Monk Class Descends to Conquer Online!

Date: Dec 16 2010 00:25:53 Source: Official Views: Share

Finally, after such a long wait, Legends Return Season III - The Returning Light is upon us! The new expansion will be officially launched after the next server maintenance, scheduled for 01:00 (PST) Dec. 16th! The whole process will last about an hour.

In the brand new season of Legends Return, expect the most anticipated class yet to hit CO, the Monk! They will light up the world with their righteous wrath, driving evil from the land! Players can expect to receive some other exciting new features, which include a new boss, new skills, new level cap, and new weapons & armor!

Let's take a look at what's coming up!

New Features of the Returning Light

1. New Class: Monk
A sacred class with strong spiritual powers and fighting abilities. Prayer Beads are their weapon of choice against evil, and they are dedicated martial artists, who have honed their bodies and mind to become fierce hand-to-hand combatants. Apart from their martial prowess, they are also masters of the spiritual realm, capable of relieving teammates of adverse status effects. They can assist you in battle by giving you various extra attributes, while still being able to tough it out on the front lines!

2. New Boss: Thrilling Spook
The falling of the Guardian Dragons was just the beginning of what is yet to come! New evil creatures have begun to rise from the depths.... Deep in the Black Burrow hides the vicious and powerful Thrilling Spook, a twisted being of malevolence and magic. It has been waiting for those who are foolhardy enough to enter, only to surrender their souls to its tremendous power. Blood only makes the evil creature stronger. Dare you challenge it?

3. New Level Cap: 140

4. New High-end Weapons & Armors:

5. New Skills: Block - Stunning new Shield skill for Warriors!

6. New Servers Opened for WEPT Champions:
To honor our recent WEPT champions, PISHU & Kanasai, CO will be opening 2 BRAND NEW SERVERS in their names! They've proven themselves to be among the best of the game, and their names deserve to be marked in CO's history in this very special way! Both of the new servers will be rewarded with a 2 day Meteor Storm, 2 days of Double Exp, and a whole month of Heaven's Blessing!






To celebrate the release of the new expansion, the Returning Light, Conquer Online will launch a string of spectacular celebration events during the Christmas season, starting on Dec. 16th! You'll be able to take on intriguing quests, share your cherished CO moments with the community, and even win some fantastic prizes! Enter the Event Page to find out how!

Other Highlights of Patch 5350-5351
1. Pure Water Taoist skill "Azure Shield" Stamina cost reduced by 30 points.
2. Decreased the damage dealt by the monsters in Twin City & Phoenix City.
3. Increased the attack & damage range of the following Trojan's skills: Dragon Whirl, Hercules, Fast Blade & Scent Sword.
4. All the unreborn characters under level 30 can now directly apply to be a Merchant, without going through 5 days of verification.
5. Sub Class Leaders will be moved to the Sub Class Hall. Players can see the Sub Class Manager (Job Center) for more details.
6. Characters can now stack up to 5 Attack Pots, Defense Pots & Ancient Pills in one slot of the inventory.
7. Bulk purchase functions have been added to NPC stores.