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The Returning Light - Official Monk PvP Trailer Revealed!

Date: Dec 15 2010 18:00:15 Source: Official Views: Share

The most anticipated addition in the Returning Light expansion, the Monk class, is all set to be released, this Dec. 16th! It will be the greatest Christmas gift for the entire community, topped off with the best wishes and the season's greetings from the entire CO team!

From the previous introductory articles, players have been able to read about the basic concepts of the Monk's lore and various skills that will be available. However, how well the Monk will perform in solo and group PVP action is still a question mark for some, but we say seeing is believing, and we'll show you!

Now, the CO team is proud to present the exclusive MONK CLASS PVP VIDEO! In this brand new PK trailer, you'll get to see the Monk confronting some of the different classes, and get thrown into some fierce team PK competitions! This video will surely give players some basic Monk PvP tactics!

Coming on Dec. 16th!

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