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The Returning Light - Monk Class Preview Part I

Date: Nov 29 2010 00:00:11 Source: Official Views: Share

After several months of waiting, CO's new class, the Monk, is finally ready for its international debut! The highly anticipated Kung-fu Monk is scheduled to be unveiled this Christmas season!

Stemming from the legends of ancient China, the concept of the Kungfu Monk was first inspired by the legendary Shaolin Monastery, which has always been considered a sacred and powerful order in the oriental world. The high priests of the Shaolin temple researched and devised many unique and powerful martial arts styles, which include boxing, pole arts, spear arts, sword arts, and so on. These "fathers of Kung-fu" were trained in the various styles of martial arts, and deemed as protectors of holiness and the ways of Shaolin. 

Now the legend continues in the world of Conquer! Striving to be kind and selfless, the Monk order has been engaging in devotional meditation for thousands of years. They always try to maintain separation from the outside world, in order to keep their focus on achieving enlightenment and higher states of being. But now, evil has declared war against the world, and the wave of darkness has reached their very doorstep. It is the time they return to the world they once knew, but left behind so long ago...

Compared with other melee classes, the Monk class in Conquer is a great combination of strong close–hand combat and magical support. They are the masters of "Chi", and different than any other class in the fact that they fight almost barehanded! Clothed in the traditional frock and monk's cap, prayer beads are their only physical weapon. The abilities that a monk possesses are similar to magic, in the way that they cost a set amount of energy, or "Chi", to use. The Monk's skills include strikes that cause elemental damage, blessings to cure an ally's afflictions, and the ability to prevent others from raising fallen soldiers!

Five Elemental Auras

The Monk fulfills a different role in a party than the other professions, generally being based around healing and enhancing your party's abilities in combat, as well as removing detrimental conditions and hexes. They can assist you in battle by giving you various extra attributes, while still being able to tough it out on the front lines!

A skilled Monk will be a strong back-line supporter, who would greatly enhance your teamwork and make group PKing more challenging and fun! Their magical abilities could even stand up to the powerful Ninja, while not overpowering the other classes.

More details coming soon! Stay tuned!

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