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CO 7th Anniversary Celebration Curtains Up

Date: May 05 2010 01:07:57 Source: Official Views: Share

is happy to announce the official plans for its 7th anniversary celebration of Conquer Online!

After opening its gates in 2003, this high-kicking MMO has taken masses of players from around the world to a fantastic universe of Kung-Fu heritage and ancient Chinese mythology. Yet it's the talented players that continue to help Conquer Online grow as a successful, long-lasting MMO. To express our appreciation to the passionate player community, and celebrate the release of the new expansion Legends Return - Season 1, Conquer Online will launch a spectacular 7th Anniversary Celebration, this May!

During this 1 month celebration, players of Conquer Online will be able to experience a whole host of exciting events! You'll be able to explore intriguing quests, share your cherished CO moments with the community, and win some fantastic prizes!

The CO 7th Anniversary Celebration is about to raise the curtain, so get yourselves ready for the marvelous carnival in Conquer Online, this May!




Lucky Wishes

May 5 - May 31

Make wishes for Conquer 7th Anniversary on the official forum, and gain CPs as a reward.

7th Anniversary Videos

May 6 - Jun 7

Players can make Conquer 7th Anniversary Videos and upload it to the Conquer YouTube Group.

Bonus Lottery

May 7 - May 31

1 Point Card B or 2 Point Card A you credit will bring you a lottery chance to get gorgeous rewards.

2010 Newbie Bonanza

May 10 - May 31

Players who register during the 7th Anniversary Event can get new Beginners' Packs.

Shopping Rush

May 7 - May 17

Conquer 7th Anniversary Shopping Rush.

New Server

May 17

Start your new adventure in the new server Lucky 7

CONQUER7 Hunting

May 18 - May 31

During the event, monsters may drop items with C,O,N,Q,U,E,R,7 when eliminated. You need to collect these items to swap for awesome rewards.

Feudal Face Off

May 18 - May 31

Players who had certain garments can sign up for this special PK Tournament. The survived player will receive Heaven Blessing and EXP Balls as reward.

Five Elements Puzzle

May 18 - May 31

Using different Elements to swap for different rewards.

CP Shower

May 18 - May 31

Players in all servers may receive bound CPs by eliminating monsters.

VIP Fashion Show

May 12 - May 17

VIP can buy new garments with CPs at 50% off

Celebrity Appreciation

May 17 - Jun 18

Every Player above Level 40 (No Level restriction for reborn players) can claim at least 215 bound CPs; Players who have registered for 7 years can claim 1720 bound CPs. Players whose last login time was before April 1st, 2010 can get a Fortune Pack to claim 20 CPs per day (600 CPs in total for 30 days).

Above are the major events for the 7th Anniversary Celebration. You can visit CO 7th Anniversary Celebration Page to learn the detailed arrangement of all these events.