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PvP Video Contest

Date: Oct 14 2009 00:15:16 Source: Official Views: Share

PvP might be the soul of one MMORPG, and our Conquer Online is no exception! This action will not test your skills and abilities, but also reveal a fantastic view when you are casting skills or PKing. That's cool.

You'll be able to submit your PvP Videos to our CO Youtube Group without limitation:  no matter it's from Guild War, Weekly and Monthly PK, Class PK War or Extreme PK Tournament.The upcoming 4th Super Guild War is the great opportunity for you to make the terrific clip.

Those outstanding PKers will receive bounteous rewards from the CO team.

Duration: Oct. 14 to Nov. 30

Event Page:


1st Prize (1 winner): 5000 Cps
2nd Prize (2 winners): 2000 Cps
3rd Prize (3 winners): 1075 Cps
Runner-up (20 winners): 430 Cps each


  1. The participants should adopt the official opening icon and ending icon and the official web address: co.99.com for their clips on the screen. Any fake clips will be disqualified. You can choose the background music as well as add some narration to your clips.
  2. Your PvP video should be clear and within 10 minutes. The clip should not contain any nudity, violence, or offensive content. 
  3. Create a YouTube account and join the Conquer Online Group at: http://www.youtube.com/group/cotq.
  4. Add your PvP video to the Conquer Online Group. When uploading your video, please note
    - The Title must be: Conquer_**** (Your server name) _**** (Your Character name) _**** (Your Guild Name) _**** (Your Video Title) 
    - The Description must have a brief introduction of your video.
    - The Video Category must be: Gaming.
    - The Tag must have "co conquer mmo mmorpg PvP Super Guild War" in it
  5. Click here to learn how to upload your videos.
    The winners will be decided together by total views, rating, and judgment from CO. The final decision regarding event winners is reserved by .


  1. Rewards will be sent to the character who submits the PvP video.
  2. There is no limit to the number of your submissions, but we will choose the most excellent clip to be awarded and each winner can receive only one reward.
  3. To participate in the contest, players can make PvP videos related to any PK Tournaments or Guild War and simply upload it to the Conquer YouTube group.
  4. The Upcoming 4th Super Guild War is the great opportunity for you to make the terrific clip.