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Conquer MySpace Skin Design Event

Date: Jun 05 2008 00:00:00 Source: Official Views: Share

Conquer Online players:

The 3rd Conquer/MySpace event is upon us! Hundreds of people participated in the last Conquer/MySpace event and 50 of them were awarded excellent prizes. We hope we will have even more participants this time and will again be offering excellent prizes.

June 6th to July 6th (inclusive)


1. You must have a Conquer account;

2. You must have a MySpace account.

What to Do:

1. Change your MySpace page's skin design to a wallpaper or screenshot of Conquer online. You can find the wallpapers and screenshots from the following link:



2. Visit our MySpace website and add it to your friends' network (click "add to friends"). Don't forget to send a message (click "send message" in our MySpace website) to us with your exact Conquer character and server name.

Note: Please make sure that your MySpace status is not set to private so we can judge it!

2*2 Package DBs (30 players)

Winners will receive Dragon Balls. Be creative and use your inspiration to decorate your MySpace page with Conquer Online skin designs. Good luck!