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3 Days Double Exp For Chinese Dragon Boat Festival!

Date: Jun 05 2008 00:00:00 Source: Official Views: Share

Dragon Boat Festival, one of the Chinese traditional festivals will be celebrated on June 8th. To celebrate this special day, we will hold a 3 day Double Exp event on all servers.

Event Duration: June 6th at 18:30 PDT - June 9th at 18:00 PDT. The event will begin after the server maintenance on Jun 6th, and will end after the server maintenance on Jun 9th.

How to get Double EXP?
Find OldGeneralYang (Twin City, 441,377) and talk to him, He'll give you one hour of Double Exp time for free! You can get more free Double Exp time as often as you like during this event!

Come and join in!

Dragon Boat Festival Introduction:

The Dragon Boat Festival is a Chinese national holiday which has several traditional activities associated with it: eating Zongzi (Sticky Rice Dumplings) and participating in a Dragon Boat Race. You can also check out the historical/mythical origins of the Dragon Boat Festival in the link below.

Origins of this Festival

ZongZi (Rice Dumpling)

Dragon Boat Race