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Dear fellow Conquer Players:

A new CO community at ( has been set up! You may add it as your friend for the chance to win 2* 2 packages DBs! Please read the rules to be eligible to receive the awards!

1. You must possess an CO account
2. You must possess a MySpace account
3. You must have at least 20 friends in your MySpace network.

If you meet all the three conditions, now you just need to do the following simple things to win the amazing prize:

1. Visit our MySpace website and add it to your friends network (click "add to friends"). Don't forget to send a message (click "send message" in our MySpace website) to us with your exact CO character name and server name.
2. Copy and paste the example Blog post about introduction of Conquer Online on your MySpace blog:

Welcome to Conquer Online ( community at! We are very happy to see you and all prospective CO gamers.

We'd love for every one of our Conquer Online's players to get to know each other a little better through MySpace.

Conquer Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game set in mythological China. Some of the possibilities awaiting your character are:

1. Game World: The 3D characters, NPCs, enemies and special effects of the game are blended with a richly designed 2D background, giving an embellished, polished game world for your character to explore. In the civilized lands of Conquer, there are 5 unique cities, 5 villages and their accompanying outlying lands. In addition, many wilderness areas are provided for players to explore, with quests, dungeon delving, magic, monsters and mysteries to unfold.
2. Characters: From every corner of Conquer's lands comes a specialist hero. You have the option of playing a male or female character for each character type, providing a rich cast of characters for you to try: Archer, Taoist, Trojan and Warrior. Each class has armors to try, weapons to test and glory to attain.
3. Social: Form guilds, join a team, meet friends and conquer together! You can sell items in the marketplace, chat with the townsfolk, start a guild war, and make an alliance and much more.

Join our MySpace community now, you will have chance to win the prizes!

If you are one who is up to the challenge of becoming the conqueror, one who enjoys the freedom of exploration, one who desires to live a life of fantasy and danger, sign up now at here.

*The activity will start on Feb. the 18th and run until March the 18th. We will randomly choose 50 lucky people every month, for each account, who have met the requirements above to receive 2*2 package DBs.

The names of the winners will be announced on our Official Website ( You can find us at: All rights reserved by .

Join our MySpace community now!