Tough Drill Sales on 09/29-10/11

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Tough Drill Sales on 09/29-10/11

Sept. 29th - Oct. 11th

Drill Specialist (Twin City 380,436)

Purchase a wheel or fragment from Drill Specialist.
1. A Drill Wheel: 69 CPs or 5.5KK Silver
2. A Tough Drill Fragment(B): 35 CPs or 2.8KK Silver

Drill Wheel
2. Each wheel can be used for once.
3. Spin the wheel to draw a Star Drill(B) or 1-7 Tough Drill fragments(B).

Combine 10 Fragments(B) into a Tough Drill(B)
Once you have 10 Tough Drill Fragments(B), you can right click on the fragments(B) to combine them into a Tough Drill(B)

Turn a Tough Drill(B) into a Tough Drill
Ask Drill Specialist to help you turn a Tough Drill(B) into a Tough Drill at 1099 CPs.

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