The First Fun Guessing Question is Released!

Date: 2018-06-13 03:56 Source: Official Views:

Attention, hereos!

The first Fun Guessing question has been released, that is In the match Russia VS Saudi Arabia, will Saudi Arabia score more than 1 goal in 90 minutes?

Yes or No? What do you think? Please go to the event page and click Event 02 Fun Guessing section to take part in the Fun Guessing.

The Chips You Win = The Chips You Bet + The Chips You Bet/The Total Chips the Winning Side Bet*The Total Chips the Losing Side Bet*95%

  • Lottery Goal Achieving
  • Lucky Tree
  • New Server LasVegas Opens on 7.12
  • LasVegas CP Market
  • LasVegas New Server Reservation
  • Cross-Server Elite PK Tournaments
  • Great Summer Sales
  • Infinite Conquest
  •   Ultimate Trial
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