New Server LandOfWar Opens on May 15th

Date: 2018-05-14 22:58 Source: Official Views:
New server LandOfWar opens on May 15th and several new server exclusive events come with it. Heroes, come and start a new adventure in LandOfWar!

Since we still need to carry out tests when LandOfWar actually opens, the Ultimate Champion event will start a little bit later, but the points you can get in new server will not be affected. We will release the event page as soon as possible, your understanding will be highly appreciated.

  • Poker King Series CPT
  • Wish Tree
  • Bound Item Carnival
  • Heavenly Ultimate Tournament
  • The Return of Veterans
  • Champion Basketball Manager
  • New Server Reservation
  •  Growth Booster
  • Anniversary Big Sale
  • 15th Anniversary Carnival
  • PK Tournaments Reward Upgrade
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