Cross Server CTF will start on March 27th

Date: 2018-03-22 19:54 Source: Official Views:

Attention, heroes!

It has been a long time since last Cross Server CTF was held. Now it is coming again!

Duration: March 27th – April 17th

Match time:
20:50-22:30 on March 27th, April 3rd, April 10th and April 17th
Normal CTF
March 24th
March 27th
March 31st
April 3rd
April 7th
April 10th
April 14th
April 17th
Only the top 3 guilds in the last Capture the Flag in the server are qualified to compete in the Cross Server Capture the Flag.

More detailed information will be released, please stay tuned. Get yourselves prepared for the fight across servers!
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