Designer's Mailbox Winners (February)

Date: 2018-03-11 20:25 Source: Official Views:
Greetings! Below is the list of winners from February's submissions! All winners, remember to pick up your prizes in Mail system within the next 5 days!

We are glad to see that many players pay effort and submit high quality ideas and suggestions, thank you for your support.  

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Winners list - 1075 CPs

Character Name Server Reward
*TheFury* BabyIcey/Mayfaire/Arbiter/Centaur/UglyDuckling/Aladdin 1075 CPs
DOK_OLOK Lion 1075 CPs
櫥OneDecision珯 SnowWhite/Cinderella 1075 CPs

Winners list - 5000 Chi Points

Character Name Server Reward
Stormninja Libra/Capricorn/Fury/Ryee 5000 Chi Points
~>Z?r~ BabyIcey/Mayfaire/Arbiter/Centaur/UglyDuckling/Aladdin 5000 Chi Points
Pyralis SnowWhite/Cinderella 5000 Chi Points
BeforeYouExit Royalty_EU_O 5000 Chi Points
  • Epic Weapon Carnival
  • Mystery Fruit
  • Credit Lottery Climbing Up
  • March Joyous Sale
  • Draw and Guess
  • Professional Growth Pack
  • Singles Vs Couples
  • The Emerging Relic
  • Power of Mystery Runes
  • CO Poker Annual Data Sharing
  • Gold Rush Season Get Wealthy
  • PK Tournaments Reward Upgrade
  • CO Fan Art
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