Runes Related Report--Fire Taoist

Date: 2018-01-22 17:17 Source: Official Views:

In the last issue we updated Runes of Water Taoist and we have received feedback from heroes. We appreciate your support. Today we are going to learn about Runes of Fire Taoist!


Red Runes Skill:Burning

20000 magic damage on the players who are immune to physical damage (i.e., Ninja using Shuriken Vortex, Warrior using XP skill);
20000 magic damage on the players in the air (i.e., flying Archer or Archer in Turret status).
Blue Runes Skill:Fire Curse
Each more target injured by Fire of Hell will afford 3000 addition damages (up to 7000 additional damage); each target injured by Flame Lotus will afford 10000 additional damages.
Note: above content is beta version. Please check for details in the update.
Thanks a lot for viewing. Go to our website to check more exciting and amazing news. We will present spoiler of Runes of Pirate. Stay tuned!
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