Update of Domino(12.7)

Date: 2017-12-07 03:00 Source: Official Views:

In order to improve the experience of playing Domino, we optimize some features in Domino.

1. Modify the display of Domino Coin amount in game result window.

2. When you choose the position of the tile you want to put in, the position will be highlighted.

3. You can find Domino Event with rewards or Domino guide at Domino Ambassador in Domino Room(155,137).

4. You can open Domino Shop directly here.

  • Daily Gift Pack
  • Wonderland Carnival
  • 18th Super Guild War
  •  Returning Privileges
  • Wonderful December
  • Bound Item Carnival
  • Nice to See You, Domino!
  • CO Fan Art
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