Domino Coins can be traded now!

Date: 2017-12-04 00:29 Source: Official Views:

Good news! Player can directly trade Domino Coins to other player now!

You can only trade a multiple of 500,000 DCs.
e.g.: 1KK, 5KK.

How to buy Domino Coins?

Buy Domino Coins:

How to use Domino Coins?
Domino Coins can be used in Domino Shop to swap real item like iPhone7, Vodafone Top-UP Card etc.

  • Daily Gift Pack
  • Wonderland Carnival
  • 18th Super Guild War
  •  Returning Privileges
  • Wonderful December
  • Bound Item Carnival
  • Nice to See You, Domino!
  • CO Fan Art
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