2nd Cross-Server Team PK Tournament will Start on November 18th

Date: 2017-11-13 19:50 Source: Official Views:

Attention, heroes!

2nd Cross-Server Team PK Tournament will Start on November 18th, there are two rounds of Cross-Server Team PK, one from November 18th to November 23rd and the other from November 24th to November 30th. The time for the matches are 20:00 November 23rd and 20:00 November 30th server time.

You will need ticket to join the PK. There are 3 ways to get the ticket during the event time.

1. Join Team PK Tournament on your own server and all members of top 8 teams will get the ticket. The tickets will be sent to team leader and he can trade the tickets to members.

2. Purchase the ticket from NPC with 99 CPs.

3. Using 7 Chi Tokens from daily quests may get you a ticket randomly.

Note: All the members of the team should have this ticket, not just the team leader.

And the rewards for the Cross-Server Team PK will be different from the last time, there will not be garments as reward, but players will get Chi Points, Star Stones, + Stones, 7-day rare Skill Soul, etc.

More detailed information about the 2nd Cross-Server Team PK Tournament will be released soon, please stay tuned and get ready for the fight across servers! 

Note: Since NewChallenge_EU is a new special server, it will not join the Cross-Server Team PK Tournament this time.

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