Grateful November Sale will Start on November 11th

Date: 2017-11-10 06:06 Source: Official Views:

Grateful November Sale will be from November 11th to November 30th. Abundant items are on sale with special discount!

Different types of items will be on sale during different periods of time. There are 3 periods:
Nov. 11th to 16th: Character Arribute Related Items at NPC Attribute Item Specialist
Nov. 17th to 23rd: Garment & Mount Armor at NPC Garment Specialist
Nov.24th to 30th: Equipment Related Items at NPC Equipment Specialist

The mail system will give out Thanksgiving coupons to all Level 120 or above players during the event, with the Coupons, you can enjoy corresponding amount of CPs off when opening a pack from sales promotion.

What's more, a Mysterious Merchant will sell precious items with astonishing discount!  Quantities are limited, so hurry up!

Please check out the detail here.

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