Some Questions for the Life Transformation

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Some Questions for the Life Transformation
The Life Transformation function is specially developed for players to save money. This life-rewriting system allows players to change their classes and try different class combinations on one account, only at the cost of developing a set of gears and paying a small fee, without repeating the reincarnation.
A lot of heroes are interesting in the new function and left questions to us. We will answer these questions as below:
Question1: Does it go well with JiangHu and Chi system? Do we need to retrain after life transformation?
Answer: Yes, it goes well with JiangHu and Chi system. You don’t need to retrain after life transformation.
Question2: How much CPs will we be paying to change our equipment set from a class to another class?
Answer: It will cost you 40,000 CPs.

Question3: If we change an unbound gears, will we get bound ones of the other class?
Answer: Unbound gears will remain unbound while bound ones will remain bound after life transformation.

Question4: What about the 2-Handed weapons, will we be able to change it to 1-Handed weapon, like Katana or Dragon Warrior and Windwalker weapons?
Answer: You can change your weapons according to your own need.
Question5: Hat and armor and 2-handed weapons for Ninja to Windwalker, exchange to bound or no? And p7 or no?
Answer: Unbound gears will remain unbound while bound ones will remain bound after life transformation. P7 will be P7, and more details will be released soon.
Question6: If I have 2 weapons for Archer and hat and armor for Ninja, you can exchange to me for Windwalker?
Answer: Yes, it only costs you 10,000 CPs to change each weapon.
Question7: Will the system take into account refineries and souls? How often will you be able to change classes? Are epic weapons accounted for exchange, for example, if I want to make Trojan's epic weapons to Ninja's? (Trojan's epic weapons are super easy to get, where Ninja epic weapons take forever)
Will bound gear be exchangeable or will unbound gear become bound gear? Just a few questions I thought of?
Answer: Yes, refineries and souls will be exactly the same. There is no time limit of changing classes. Epic weapons and skills will be transferred with the class in the Life Transformation
Question8: I can exchange earrings for headgear or only head to head?
Answer: You can only exchange head gear for head gear.
Question9: I want to change the items for other class it should be the whole set are same or I can change 1 item? Like if I have 2 pirate weapons and armor and headgear monk I can make them all Windwalker?
Answer: Yes. You will only need to change 4 gears: 2 weapons, head gear and armor, then you can change class.
Question10: I will be able to change that set to any other class or there is classes not, because someone told me Windwalker and Dragon Warrior wont be able to exchange
Answer: Heroes of any class can change to another class.
Question11: A backsword or any 2-handed weapon when I transform it to like a 1 handed, do I receive 2 weapons of 1 handed or only 1?
Answer: Only one.
Question12: Can 2-handed weapons be changed to 1- handed weapon?
Answer: Yes.
Question13: Are there any differences between two Chi systems? Will they work at the same time?
Answer: There is no difference between the Chi systems, but they will not work at the same time.
Question14: Can normal weapons change to epic weapons?
Answer: No, normal weapons cannot change to epic weapons.
Question15: I have seen the new video of transforming and talked about 2nd Chi and 2nd Jianghu, I don’t get it why we should wait 30 days for switch? Is there an option to switch and pay CPs? If yes, how much will it cost?
Answer: We only set 30-day switch temporarily, and we will come up with a new switch later.
Question16: For example now I have 100K Chi on old Chi, does these 100K Chi points will be working for 2nd Chi or do we have to restart from 0? I mean, I open 1st Chi and I see 100K Chi, when I open 2nd Chi, I see 0 points, the question is, is it a separate study or it is once? And regarding the ranking, will be separated too? Which Chi will go to Chi ranking?
Answer: Chi power can be used in both Chi systems. Chi that heroes currently use will go to Chi ranking.
Question17: If you change class, does that mean all progress is kept (epic skill, too) if you get the skills back?
Answer: Progress will not be kept.
Question18: Can Water Taoist change gears freely?
Answer: When Water Taoist change to other classes, bag can be changed to necklaces, and bracelets will be changed to rings.
Question19: Regarding 2nd Chi, you must use all 4 of second Chi? Or can I change 1 at a time? E.g. use 1st Dragon, Tiger, Turtle and 2nd Phoenix.
Answer: Each player will have two independent Chi systems and you can choose to use either one.
Question20: If other gears with gems are changed to xxx, will the sockets be gone? If the sockets are gone, do we need to pay when we transform to other classes?
Answer: When you choose to change to Hossu, you will be noticed that you will lose your gems and sockets if you change to Hossu.
Question21: Can gears be changed to a third-class gears in Life Transformation? For example, if a Ninja wants to exchange xxx to a fan, is there any limit towards heroes’ own class? It is possible that players change weapons in order that they can sell them.
Answer: Yes.
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