A Survey of Conquer 3.0 NEW(About movement of characters)

Date: 2017-10-24 02:11 Source: Official Views:

Conquer 3.0 new meets everyone on Oct 17th and pictures are upgraded greatly. To better optimize this game, we'd like to invite heroes to answer the following questions about movement of characters. We will make adjustments according to the results of this questionnaire.

If you are a ninja,please click link:http://poll.99.com/survey.php?sv_id=851

If you are a monk,please click link:http://poll.99.com/survey.php?sv_id=852

If you are a windwalker,please click link:http://poll.99.com/survey.php?sv_id=853

If you are a taoist,please click link:http://poll.99.com/survey.php?sv_id=854

If you are a archer,please click link:http://poll.99.com/survey.php?sv_id=855

If you are other classes,please click link:http://poll.99.com/survey.php?sv_id=856

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