New Server Reservation Starts on September 29th

Date: 2017-09-28 23:43 Source: Official Views:
To celebrate the release of New Expansion, we will open a new server NewWorld on October 17th. Heroes can make reservation for gift packs worth 41305 CPs and team up to win CP(B). What's more, there will be brand new events only for new server, players can even kill monsters to earn cash! Don't miss the chance. 
The reservation will start on September 29th, please check out the detail here.
The content of Glory Adventure Box are as below, all items are bound:
Item Level
PrayingStone(S) Level 20
+2Stone*2 Level 30
ExpPotion*3 Level 40
DragonGem*2 Level 50
+2Stone*5 Level 60
+3Stone*2 Level 70
EndeavorScroll*2 Level 80
+3Stone*3 Level 90
ChiPointPack(2000) Level 100
MeteorScroll*3 Level 105
ChiPointPack(5000) Level 110
DragonBall*3 Level 115
FavoredTrainingPack(100) Level 120
SpecialTrainingPack(20) Level 125
1000 CPs (B) Level 130
DragonBall Level 135
PermanentStone Level 136
PowerEXPBall Level 137
+5Stone Level 138
+5WhiteSteedPack Level 138
ToughDrill Level 139
3000 CPs (B) Level 140
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