CO Vegas Spectacular 7th is coming!

Date: 2017-08-29 01:00 Source: Official Views:
From August 29th to September 10th, heroes can talk with Senior Assistant to enjoy 5 kinds of gambling.
Heroes can get Star Stone and Dragon Soul from new gambling: Star wheel and Refinery Soul Gambling.
  • Thanksgiving Credit
  • Grateful November Sale
  • Thanksgiving Sign-in Gifts
  • Grateful November Casino
  • Golden Thanksgiving Month
  • Thanksgiving Treasure Exchange
  • Life Transformation
  • New Challenge Returning Giveback
  • Perfection Carnival
  • New World New Challenges
  • New CO Daily Pack
  • New Server Challenge_EU
  • CPT Poker King Series
  • New Server NewWorld Opens on 10.17
  • CO Fan Art
  • Snapshot of Guild Growth
  • Might of shadow fan
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