Challenge the Experts of 8 Classes on 8/3-8/16

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Aug. 3rd - Aug. 16th

The bosses you need to challenge are the mighty experts of 8 classes (Trojans, Archers, Monks, Taoists, Dragon Warriors, Ninjas, Pirates and Warriors)

All heroes of all classes who are 2nd reborn level 120 or above

1. Reward Limit: You can claim the rewards for 3 times a day, but Chi Points (3000, 10,000 and 30,000) can be claimed for once only.
2. 60 minutes limit: You are given 60 minutes to complete the trial every time. After 60 minutes or server maintenance, you will auto-log out and fail to complete the trial.
3. Don't leave halfway: Please make sure you have defeated all opponents before you leave the trial stage, or you will be deemed to fail to complete the trial.

Garments, Chi Points, Skill Souls, Weapon Accessories, Quest Tokens, etc.


KFC Chief Instructor (Twin City 334,248)
Introduces and gives the trials.

1. Visit KFC Chief Instructor (Twin City 334,248) to learn and take the trials.

2. The Trials of Power offers multiple challenges from easy to hard.

3. Challenge the opponents to prove your power.

4. Here, you need to challenge opponents from 1-star to 3-star. Only when you defeat them all, you can choose your freestyle in the ultimate trials against masters of the eight Classes.

Class ★★ ★★★ ★★★★★
Trojan VeteranTrojan TigerTrojan DragonTrojan TrojanMaster
Archer EagleArcher TigerArcher DragonArcher ArcherMaster
Monk DhyanaMonk DharmaMonk PrajnaMonk NirvanaMonk
Taoist FireTaoist FireWizard FireMaster FireSaint
Dragon Warrior ExpertDragonWarrior EliteDragonWarrior MasterDragonWarrior KingDragonWarrior
Ninja MiddleNinja DarkNinja MysticNinja NinjaMaster
Pirate PirateGunner Quartermaster PirateCaptain PirateLord
Warrior BrassWarrior SilverWarrior GoldWarrior WarriorMaster

5. After you enter the Ultimate Trial, you need to defeat the opponents to pass this trial. The more powerful the opponents, the better rewards you gain.

6. If you are not satisfied with the current opponents or rewards, you can cost 100 Study Points or 3 CPs to have a random refresh. You can also pay 27 CPs or 99 CPs (B) to refresh the combination of opponents and get 3 5-star opponents.

7. If it's hard for you to defeat the opponents alone, you can team up with other heroes to challenge these mighty opponents.

8. Once you defeat the opponents, you can gain handsome gifts as reward.

9. You can claim the rewards up to 3 times a day, but you can challenge the opponents as many times as you like.

10. You will gain special rewards for completing the achievements.

  • Heavenly Ultimate Tournament
  • The Return of Veterans
  • Champion Basketball Manager
  • New Server Reservation
  •  Growth Booster
  •  15th Anniversary Events
  • Anniversary Big Sale
  • 15th Anniversary Carnival
  • PK Tournaments Reward Upgrade
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