Daily Credit Gifts on 8/2-8/31

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Aug. 2nd 01:00 - Aug. 31st 23:59 PDT

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1. Free Gifts
During the event time, all 2nd Reborn 120+ heroes can gain a chance to scratch the card for free (once only).

2. Daily Credit Gifts

Scratch Chances
Once you credit a card (USD4.99/7.99/15.99/29.99/59.99), you can gain a chance to scratch the card for a gift. Each card can have only one chance in a day. For example, if you credit 3 cards of USD15.99 on Aug. 5th, you can have only one chance to scratch the card. The higher value the cards you credit, the better gifts you can scratch to gain.

Notes: You are suggested not to credit during 00:00-01:00 on a day, or it will not be counted on this day. For example, if you credit a card at 00:30 on Aug. 13th, it will not be counted on Aug. 13th.

Credit Calendar
If you have credit a card (USD4.99/7.99/15.99/29.99/59.99) on a day, you can log in the event page to check your scratch chances on the Credit Calendar. For example, if you have credit a card and obtain a scratch chance on Aug. 18, ① and "Claim" button will be shown on Aug. 18 on the calendar. Just click "Claim" to enter the scratch panel and scratch the card for a special gift.

Scratch the card
Click the target card button and click on the scratch area to scratch for a surprising gift.

Card Credited Rewards
(Each scratch can give you one of the following items)
One Free Chance
(For 2nd reborn level 120+ heroes)
1000CPs, Vital Pill(B)*1, Favored Training Pill(B)*3, Special Training Pill(B)*3, Twilight Star Stone*3
USD 4.99 2000CPs, ToughDrill*1, Stone(+3)*1, SuperProtectionPill*20, BrightStarStone*1, SmallLotteryTicket*9, TrainingTalentPack(B)*5, ExpBall*2, MeteorScroll*3, SpecialTrainingPill(B)*3, Steed(+2)*1, Stone(+2)*1, DragonBloodstone*1
USD 7.99 5000CPs, ToughDrill*1, Stone(+4)*1, BrightStarStone*2, VitalPill(B)*2, Stone(+3)*1, Steed(+3)*1, ExpBall*5, MeteorScroll*3, SpecialTrainingPill(B)*3, SmallLotteryTicketPack*3, DragonBloodstone*2, select one from StrengthToken(B)*1, SpiritToken(B)*1, VitalityToken(B) and AgilityToken(B)*1
USD 15.99

10750CPs, StarDrill*2, Stone(+6)*1, ToughDrill*1, BrightStarStone*5, WeaponRefineryPack*2, SeniorTrainingPill(B)*2, Stone(+3)*2, EXPCarePill*2, DragonBall*1, SmallLotteryTicket*15, VitalPill(B)*3, EndeavorScroll*1, select one from RefinedGloryGem*3 and RefinedThunderGem*3, select one from StrengthToken(B)*1, SpiritToken(B)*1, VitalityToken(B) and AgilityToken(B)*1

USD29.99 20500CPs, 10000CPs(B), Stone(+7), CelestialBird*1, RadiantStarStone*1, PermanentStone*2, HeavenDemonBox*1, Stone(+4)*1, FrozenChiPill(B)*1, FavoredTrainingPack(B)*30, SeniorTrainingPack(B)*10, DragonBall*1, SmallLotteryTicket*21, select one from RefinedGloryGem*2 and RefinedThunderGem*2, select two from StrengthToken(B)*1, SpiritToken(B)*1, VitalityToken(B) and AgilityToken(B)*1
USD59.99 100000 CPs, 50000CPs(B), Stone(+8)*1, BrightAntelope, RadiantStarStone*2, Stone(+6), ToughDrill*1, PermanentStone*5, VitalPill*20, P7EquipmentSoul*2, MysteryFruit*1, SeniorTrainingPack(B)*15, SmallLotteryTicket*30, DragonBall*5, VitalPill(B)*10, ChaosDemonBox*1, select one from SuperThunderGem*1 and SuperGloryGem*1

3. Total Credit Rewards

During the event time, you can log in the event page to claim handsome rewards once the total CPs you credit reach a certain amount.

No. Total CPs Credited Rewards
1 6,250 BrightStarStone*2 + FavoredTrainingPack(B)*10 + VitalPillPack(B)*2
2 8,400 BrightStarStone*5 + VitalPill(B)*3 + SeniorTrainingPill(B)*5 + ProtectionPill(B)*15
3 12,600 PenitenceAmulet*3 + SuperTortoiseGem*1
4 15,000 PermanentStone*1 + SmallLotteryTicketPack*20
5 21,000 RadiantStarStone*1 + VitalPill*5 + FrozenChiPill(B)*1
6 31,255 RadiantStarStone*2 + PermanentStone*1 + P6DragonSoul*1
7 60,000 RadiantStarStone*3 + StarDrill*1 + VitalPill*20
8 100,000 RadiantStarStone*4 + VitalPill*30 + FrozenChiPill(B)*1
9 150,000 RadiantStarStone*5 + FavoredTrainingPill*40 + SeniorTrainingPill*40 + VitalPill*40
10 200,000 RadiantStarStone*8 + SeniorTrainingPill*50 + SuperProtectionPill*50 + VitalPill*50

4. Rank Rewards

After the event comes to a close, the heroes whose total CPs credited are ranked top 8 across all servers will be rewarded with gorgeous gifts. Top 1-3 should credit at least USD 5,000 and top 4-8 credit at least USD 3,000.

The prizes will be awarded to your in-game mailbox within 7 days after the event ends.

Rank Rewards
1 30,000ChiPoints + 300 SeniorTrainingPills + 300 SuperProtectionPills + 300 FavoredTrainingPills + 50 SmallLotteryTicketPacks + 2 SplendidStarStones + 180-days blessed Mythic Beast(B)
2 20,000ChiPoints + 200 SeniorTrainingPills + 200 SuperProtectionPills + SplendidStarStone*1 + 20 PenitenceAmulets + 30 SmallLotteryTicketPacks
3 10,000ChiPoints + 150 FavoredTrainingPills + 5 RadiantStarStones + 10 PenitenceAmulets + 20 SmallLotteryTicketPacks
4-8 5,000ChiPoints + 2 RadiantStarStones + 50 FavoredTrainingPills + 10 SmallLotteryTicketPacks
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