Super Guild War start on July 29th!

Date: 2017-07-13 03:58 Source: Official Views:
From July 29th to August 26th, we will start Super Guild War. Please go to Guild Chief at (293,304) Twin City to join the Super Guild War then. 
US Server Time
EU Server Time
July 29th 12:00-15:00
July 29th 20:00-23:00
August 5th 12:00-15:00
August 5th 20:00-23:00
August 12th 12:00-15:00
August 12th 20:00-23:00
August 19th 12:00-15:00
August 19th 20:00-23:00
August 26th 12:00-15:00
August 26th 20:00-23:00
Note: To make sure the guild war is fair, the privilege that VIP6 players can transfer every 10 days will not be available during the super guild war.
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