Chi Booster(+1) for Dream Manager event

Date: 2017-06-26 23:56 Source: Official Views:

We are glad that the Dream Manager event has come to a successful close on June 19th. Thank all for your participation!

To those heroes who has been rewarded with Chi Booster(+1), it's time for you to draw and decide which attribute of your Chi can be rewarded with +1 score.

During 6.27-7.26, do remember to log on the Chi Booster(+1) page and select one card to decide your fate.

The card you select will turn around and display a specified Chi Gate on which you will improve.

Every card means for one gate, the number means the specific attribute. For example, Tiger- Attribute #1: it means that you can get the 1st attribute of the Tiger Gate improved.

If the attribute you select has reached 100, please contact us. We will check your request and provide a second chance to select a card.

Please take your chance to use your Chi Booster(+1) during 6/27-7/26. It won't be kept for the next time.

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