Credit Flop on 3/16-3/30

Date: 2017-03-14 18:59 Source: Official Views:

During Mar.16th 01:00 - Mar.30th 23:59 PDT, you will be rewarded with credits once you credit a TQ Points card as below:

TQ point Card
Credits Gained

With these credits, you can flop the cards to gain surprising gifts. Before you decide to flop, you can choose to spend 10 or 40 Credit Points. The more points, the better rewards. Now it's your turn to flop the cards to see how many cards are of the same faces. The more same faces you have, the better prizes you gain.

  • Credit Lottery Climbing Up
  • March Joyous Sale
  • Draw and Guess
  • Professional Growth Pack
  • Singles Vs Couples
  • Cats Vs Dogs
  • Cross All Server Elite PK Tournament
  • The Emerging Relic
  • Power of Mystery Runes
  • CO Poker Annual Data Sharing
  • Gold Rush Season Get Wealthy
  • PK Tournaments Reward Upgrade
  • CO Fan Art
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