Live Streaming of Windwalker is Coming!

Date: 2017-01-06 01:36 Source: Official Views:
     Attention heroes! The first Live streaming of Windwalker is coming on Jan 9th!
     Do you want to know the skills of Windwalker earlier then others? Do you want to see the real power of a +12 Windwalker? We have invited the King Lucifer to show everything you want to know about Windwalker in the live streaming on Youtube from Jan 9th-12th. Besides, you will be able to will lots of unbound CPs and +8 Stone by watching the streaming! On the streaming of last day, the host will give all audience a gift worth 2765CPs!
The Reward You May Win
11:30-14:30 US server
19:30-22:30 EU Server
Jan 9th
To introduce Windwalker skills and test killing the monsters and bosses with Windwalker
300-1000CPs, and the clues of winning +8 stone
Jan 10th
To show +12 Windwalker pk with other classes like Ninja, DragonWarrior, Monk and so on
300-1000CPs, and the clues of winning +8 stone
Jan 11th
To show how Windwalker perform in Group war
300-1000CPs, and the clues of winning +8 stone
Jan 12th
To show how to get Windwalkers gears, fight in real servers and share some tips of how to play this class better
An audience pack(1000CPs(B),5000ChiPts(B),a DB(B) and 30 Favored Training Pills(B)
500CPs, and +8 stone
     To watch the game streaming, please refer to
     Don’t miss out the first Live Streaming of Conquer on Jan 9th!
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