New Windwalker Video Released: XP Skill and Stamina Skill

Date: 2016-12-16 14:49 Source: Official Views:
Last week, we have exposed the melee skills of Windwalker. Today. We are going to show you a XP skill and a Stamina Skill. Take a few minutes to have a look at the latest skill videos!
XP Skill-- Deals 100% Continuous Damage
This is a XP skill. After using this skill, your HP, Mana and Stamina will be full instantly. And it will generate a storm skill array to all sides at the same time, which will increase the damage while using other skills of Windwalker.
Reborn Skill-- Cost Enemy's Stamina Points
This is a Stamina skill, which will deduct all enemy’s stamina within a certain range. 
There will be more coming up soon! Stay tuned! 
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