Guild War

FatalCross Events
Aspiration Pack Giveaway | Credit Bonus | Guild War | GM Challenge

Schedule: Feb. 22nd, Mar. 1st, Mar. 8th, and Mar. 15th.


  1. The winner of the 1st week will receive 50,000 CPs as a bonus, and the winner of the 2nd week will receive 100,000 CPs as a bonus. The 3rd winner will receive 200,000 CPs as a bonus while the 4th winner is going to get an extra reward of 650,000 CPs!
  2. All extra CPs rewards will be delivered in 3 - 5 business days after each week's Guild War.
    Note: These CPs rewards can be delivered to winner's account on any server.
  3. For details of the rules, please check here.

    Note: You're entitled to having the prizes delivered in any way you want! For instance, you can contact us and request for half of the prize to be sent to any given server, and rest of it to remain on the Hercules server. Or, you can have all CPs delivered to a given server!


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