GM Challenge

FatalCross Events
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Duration: Feb. 20th - Feb. 26th

  1. From Feb. 20th to Feb. 26th, a GM will show up in a map where players can find and fight them. The coordinates of the GM will be broadcast server wide.
  2. If the GM is defeated, the coordinates will be reset. The GM will be deployed in 10 locations on a daily basis. If the GM gets defeated 10 times a day, the event will end.
  3. Only the players who are listed in the enemy list of the GM will be rewarded, and the reward will be delivered within 3 - 5 business days.

Note: The event will only be going on during regular business days, and the GM won't show up during the weekend. Each player can only win once. If you go red-name, there's a risk that you might lose your items to someone.


500 CPs Somersault Cloud (30-day)(B)


  • Weekly Credit Rebate and Prizes
  • Banquet of CPs(B)
  • Golden Finger
  • Kingdomwar
  • August
  • conquer3.0