Flying Dart

Flying Dart | Freezing Day | VIP Gifts | Water World

Time:July 15th - July 22nd

Requirement:All VIP

VIP Tour Guide (Wind Plain 293,367)
VIP Receptionist (VIP Village 170 ,153)



Festival Joy Pack
Open it to get some EXP and a gift as a reward.



1.From July 15th – July 22nd, all VIP heroes can claim a VIP Token from the VIP Tour Guide in Wind Plain (293,367) and go to VIP Village to have fun.

2.The VIP Receptionist has arranged some Dart Targets at the beach, go and have a try and show her what you got.

3.If you can hit the center, you can get a reward from the VIP Receptionist.

  • Honor of Guild
  • Summer New Server
  • Ultimate Summer Carnival
  • Summer Online Events
  • Summer Special Sales
  • Bound Item Sales
  • July Credit Rebate
  • Lucky Jiang Hu Fighter
  • Lucky Chi Trainer
  • Show Hand
  • Perfection Daily Check-In
  • CP Rain
  • Homecoming Guide
  • Free Tempering Chance
  • European Football Championship
  • Beyond Perfection
Conquer 3.0
CO Poker Club